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About Project

Archyworks is a featured platform where students of Bachelors in Computer Arts will upload their Animation projects of all mediums of Animation. One of the key features of Archyworks is the Virtual Exhibition of Animation Thesis work for public display. Archyworks provides an archival for students’ animation works and projects to view, share and comment on. Archyworks platform provides an everlasting platform complied with the contributions of the students enrolled and graduated in Bachelors in Computer Arts program at Arts and Media Department at the esteemed Foundation University Islamabad, School of Science and Technology.


Archyworks Background:

Archyworks is the concluding phase of a Research Base Project Titled as: “IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY AND SOLUTIONS FOR ANIMATION CLASSROOMS.” initiated by Mr. Zain Shakeel, Lecturer at Arts and Media Department FUSST as Principal Investigator and Ms. Sidra Ashraf, Assistant Professor Computer Arts Department FJWU as Co-Principal Investigator. Archyworks is a virtual portal which was designed and implemented for online storage and display as a partial requirement for the completion of the research project funded by ORIC, FUI. Archyworks provides a secondary purpose as a digital animation library which stores and views all of the animation

Our Team

Archyworks platform is a Virtual Animation Gallery that was created through the collaborative effort of Final Year Project students from the Software Engineering Department under the Supervision of Dr. Shariq Hussain Associate Professor Software Engineering Department and Mr. Zain Shakeel Co-Supervisor/ Lecturer, Arts & Media Department, FUSST Rawalpindi.

Dr Shariq Hussain

& Associate Professor Department of Software Engineering

Zain Shakeel

Principal Investigator/co-supervisor
Lecturer, Arts Media Department

Sidra Ashraf

Co-Principal Investigator.
& Assistant Professor Computer Arts Department Fatima Jinnah Women University Rawalpindi

Rabbiya Umar

Department of Software Engineering

Sana Naveed

Department of Software Engineering

Bushra Maryam Javaid

Department of Software Engineering